Wrapping Services

Wrapping a vehicle can change the look of your vehicle completely as well as protect the paint. We can provide a standard colour change as well as a full printed wrap to bring your car to life and stand out. We use the industry leading techniques and materials such as Avery Dennison and 3M. Whatever your requirements are, we are able to help you. Take a look below for information about our wrapping services.

Here is how we prepare the exterior of your vehicle for our Concours Preparation Service.

  • Wheels have a pH neutral wheel cleaner applied to them and allowed to dwell, then rinsed off using pure filtered water.
  • Citrus pre wash applied to loosen dirt, bugs, grime and other contaminates, followed by snow foam.
  • A pH neutral snow foam is then applied to the vehicle and allowed to dwell, followed by a rinse.
  • Wheels are deep cleaned including barrels, brake caliper and any accessible areas.
  • The vehicle is washed using merino wool mitts and the best pH neutral products on the market.
  • Door shuts, gaps, petrol housing, vents and badges are cleaned using detailing brushes and then a full vehicle rinse.
  • A pH safe tar and iron fallout remover is then applied to the vehicle to remove any bonded contaminates and rinsed.
  • We then use clay media on the entire vehicle to remove any contaminates left over and a full rinse.
  • The vehicle is dried using our deep pile and waffle weave microfibre towels.
  • Glass is cleaned and tyres are dressed.

Following a deep clean, we then bring the vehicle indoors where the magic really starts happening.

  • Vehicle gets lifted and wheels are removed for a deep clean.
  • Wheels 360 cleaned, tar removed, iron removed and clay barred.
  • Wheel wells, suspension, brake calipers, walls are cleaned and tar removed.
  • Engine is cleaned including under section of engine and all metal is machine polished to bring it back to life.
  • Vehicle chassis cleaned, de tarred and all metal is machine polished.
  • Vents, grills and all crevices steam cleaned to ensure removal of any dirt or debris.
  • All chrome and metal is polished to bring it back to life and shine.
Here is how we prepare your interior for our Concours Preparation Service.
    • Trims, dash and surrounds are dusted with detailing brushes and interior car dusters.
    • Carpets and seats are vacuumed.
    • Interior cleaned using the top products on the market.
    • Glass, vanity, rear view mirror cleaned.

    Following a deep clean, we then start a detail made for a concours event.

    • Seats are removed for a thorough clean using hot water extractors, steam cleaners and brushes made for required materials.
    • Seats are also cleaned underneath and to ensure a thorough surface ready for protection.
    • Interior vacuumed to ensure seat housing is cleaned.
    • Carpets are steam cleaned and hot water extracted to ensure stains are minimised or removed completely.
    • All air vents, crevices, trims, door cards, cracks, vanities, seat railings, dash, steering wheel, and consoles are steam cleaned.
    • All interior parts are then cleaned using various detailing brushes and wiped down to ensure a perfect surface for protection.
    • Glass, vanity and rear view mirror is wiped down using our streak free cleaner.
    Here is how we prepare your paint for our Concours Preparation Service to ensure that your vehicle stands out and glows when people look at it.

    • Wing mirrors are removed as well as door handles, all manufacturer badges (if possible), registration plates and housings.
    • Trims, rubber, headlights, taillights and glass are all taped up using 3M tape and brown paper to prevent damage.
    • Paint is checked using a paint depth gauge in 150 different points and recorded.
    • Vehicle is sanded using various grit sand papers and both hand and machine sanding occur to remove orange peel and heavy defects.
    • First stage of a heavy grade cutting compound completed.
    • A second stage medium grade compound completed.
    • A third stage with a polishing compound to refine and bring back colour and depth.
    • Work is constantly checked by multiple lights, paint depth gauge and second pass if refining is required.

    Your interior also gets some attention with our paint correction services.

    • Interior gloss / wood / lacquered panels are machine polished to remove light scratches and swirl marks.
    Here is how we protect your vehicle interior and exterior for our Concours Preparation Service to ensure that your vehicle stays looking its best for years to come.

    • Full exterior of vehicle protected in our extensive range of ceramic coatings and synthetic coatings where applicable.
    • Full interior protected with our extensive range of ceramic coatings and synthetic coatings where applicable.

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