Detailing Services

Our detail packages are not to be trifled with. Using the top products in the market such as Swissvax and Ceramitech, we ensure your vehicle is cleaned and ready for any protection or paint correction. We are also fully mobile and can come to you to provide most services.

These services offer exceptional results that any keen eye would be happy with. We provide a thorough clean inside and out, which results in a vehicle that would happily win many competitions solely on face value. 

If you are interested in a bespoke detail, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

  • Vehicle exterior prepared prior to machine polishing to our Cleanse level, which includes a thorough detail and contamination on the exterior of the vehicle.
  • All trims and windows are taped up using 3M tape and plastic sheeting to ensure polish and residue do not stain the trims and rubber.
  • Interior cleaned to our Valet level as standard (this can be upgraded)
Correction Stages
  • Stage 1 (Light Swirl Marks + Increase Colour Depth)

  • Stage 2 (Medium Swirl Marks + Holograms + Increase Colour Depth)

  • Stage 3 (Medium Swirl Marks + Holograms + Light Paint Scratches & Defects + Increase Colour Depth)

  • Stage 5 (Heavy Swirl Marks + Holograms + Medium Paint Scratches & Defects + Increase Colour Depth)

  • Paint Jeweling (Orange Peel Removal + Heavy Swirl Marks + Holograms + Heavy Paint Scratches & Defects + Increase Colour Depth)


    Stage 1 = £300
    Stage 2 = £500
    Stage 3 = £700
    Stage 5 = £1100
    Paint Jeweling = Contact Us

We recommend protection to be added after a machine polish. Please see the protection tab for options.

Please note this is a 1 Day - 2 Week service depending on requirements.

Graphene Coating (Self Healing)

Our Graphene ceramic coating is extremely tough, with unique self-healing 9H+ properties. Ground-breaking nanotechnology infused with the strongest material known to man. This product is strictly reserved for approved Master Detailers only. Graphene’s self-healing properties are activated best with hot near-boiling water or direct heat, this will remove light swirls and wash marring from the coating.

This comes with a 10 year warranty for the coating.

Price is £1500 per vehicle.

Full Ceramic Package (Includes Graphene)

- Our leather ceramic product ensures that your vehicle’s leather seats are protected from stains and abrasions, while making them easier to clean.

Wheel & Caliper - This is designed to reduce contaminant build-up on alloy wheels and brake calipers. Once applied, cleaning becomes easier and surfaces remain extremely glossy.

Glass - The ultimate nano ceramic glass protection coating. This product ensures clean, crisp vision for drivers and has a high resistance to bug splatter.

Plastic & Rubber - Will bring back faded trims to a deep black colour, while giving some serious protection at the same time. On new trims and plastics, this coating will dramatically reduce fading, while giving a fresh new look for years to come.

Textiles - Our unique textile coating will ensure that dirt and accidental spills stay at the surface to be wiped away easily by sealing the materials with nanotechnology.

This comes with a 10 year warranty for the Graphene coating and a 5 year warranty for the additional ceramic coatings.

Price is £2900 per vehicle.

We include a stage one paint correction and your first clean is free of charge at our unit.


Ceriamond - A synthetic made wax which provides excellent hydrophobic capabilities and a deep shine, which is resistant to harsher cleaning products.

Concoursor - A wax which has been specifically designed for those who want to stand out at shows and ensure a deep depth of colour and protection.

Brilliance - This exclusive wax has been designed by us to offer unbeatable hydrophobic properties without compromising a deep rich colour and depth that you could get lost in. Made with the finest high grade Carnauba from Brazil, this is to be hand massaged into your paint only and offers a luxury spa experience for your vehicle.

Ceraimond = £70 per layer
Concoursor = £150 per layer
Brilliance = £300 per layer

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