Maintenance Services

At Sanzion, we do not settle for second best, mini valets or full valets as we believe these do not match the detail that we go into. Our mission and guarantee for you as a client is to ensure that your vehicle is cleansed and pampered to a high level.

We have simplified our packages to ensure that your goals are achieved with very little deciding effort. We still offer our bespoke services if you are looking to mix and match your requirements. All you need to do is decide on your package and contact us to book it in.


  • Alloys and tyres cleaned with our Cleanse non acidic wheel cleaner.
  • Avanta Citrus Pre Wash is applied followed by a rinse.
  • Our Winter Rain pH neutral snow foam is then applied to the vehicle followed by a rinse.
  • The vehicle is washed using our Purify pH neutral car shampoo and the two-bucket method.
  • Wheel arches, door sills and petrol cap housing cleaned.
  • Apollo Nano Coat is added for 3 months protection.
  • The vehicle is dried using our 1400 gsm non scratch microfibre towels and crevices air blow dried.
  • Glass is cleaned and tyres are dressed.


  • Floor mats removed
  • Interior hoovered including under seats and boot
  • Interior wipe down of panels, seats, console, steering wheel and foot pedals.
  • Mats misted with Sublime interior cleaner, scrubbed, hoovered and wiped.
  • Glass cleaned and quick streak free polish of panels.
  • Second hoover
  • Sanzion Lusk/Neu/Swey air freshener spritzed.
Small - £60
Medium - £70
Large - £80
X-Large - £90

*Please note that this is a 2 - 3 hour service.

*Not a deep clean service

In Addition To Valet Service


  • Tar removal using our Tarno.
  • Paint and wheel fallout remover applied using Divide and Oracle.
  • Second Winter Rain snow foam followed by a rinse.
  • Vehicle clay barred to remove embedded contamination.


  • Wheel storage cleaned and hoovered
  • Interior steam cleaned and sanitised.
  • Mats and seats hot water extracted.
  • Leather deep cleaned and conditioned.
  • Vehicle fogged, deodorised and sanitised.
Small - £120
Medium - £130
Large - £140
X-Large - £150

Please note this is a 4 - 5 hour service.
In Addition To Cleanse Service


  • Chassis pressure washed to remove any surface dirt.
  • Engine bay steam cleaned, agitated and dressed.
  • Wheels removed for deep cleaning and arch cleanse + dressing.
  • Glass, headlights and taillights machine polished.
  • Vehicle hand wax applied for 12 month protection.

Protection Upgrades

  • HelixSeal (Sanzion Nano-Carbon Coat) - £400
  • Ceramic Coatings - From £200
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF) - From £1500
Small - £300
Medium - £320
Large - £340
X-Large - £360

Please note this is a 6 - 8 hour service.

Our maintenance packages are suited to those who have purchased one of our cleaning packages and want to ensure that the vehicle is cleaned and maintained to the showroom finish that was originally achieved.

This will ensure that the same level of services in your desired package are provided on a monthly basis to protect and keep your vehicle looking its best and maintaining its value.

Small - Valet £30 | Cleanse £60 | Elegance £150
Medium -
Valet £35 | Cleanse £65 | Elegance £160
Large - Valet £40 | Cleanse £70 | Elegance £170
X-Large - Valet £45 | Cleanse £75 | Elegance £180

Please note that this is a 2 - 6 hour service depending on your package.
If your vehicle is heavily soiled, we reserve the right to charge an additional 25%.

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