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Sanzion offers a professional detailing and valeting service, which use only the best practices in the industry. We are strictly a top quality, friendly and professional business that aims to ensure you have a job completed to a high standard.

All of our services are bespoke to our clients and when you contact us, we will discuss your needs, requirements and vision. With our knowledge, we will aim to protect your vehicle, increase appeal and ensure your vehicle stays looking the best it can.


Why Choose Us?


Sanzion was founded by our Managing Director Kyle, who started off valeting his parents vehicles at a young age and this, is where everything started and has become of what Sanzion is now.

When valeting, there was always some sense of OCD when it came to cleaning and Kyle always wanted everything to be perfect so that he could reflect on his work and know in the back of his mind that it was done right and looked amazing.

Back then, there was less tools, technology and products that are around now and he had to use techniques he learned and created to achieve the results he wanted. As Kyle got into his teenage years, there was a thirst to learn more knowledge in the car industry and his interest started to peak.

He purchased his first car at seventeen after working long hours and saving up to finally have something he could call his own pride and joy. With this vehicle, his love for detailing grew and wanted to be one of the top in the industry. He started to learn paint correction, headlight restoration, engine cleaning and many more services and started to gain more and more experience.

Fast forward many years later and this is where we are today. We have been detailing for over eleven years, using the best equipment and techniques on the market to ensure that the end result you get from our detailing and valeting here at Sanzion, is second to none.

Our Services

Come see the services that we offer and then you may understand why we pride ourselves on being one of the top detailers in the country.

Training Videos

Want to learn how we clean vehicles? We have some videos to show people how we clean and you can follow along online.


Here you will find some images of the vehicles we have detailed and valeted over the years. If you would like to see your vehicle here, contact us to book in.